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Thursday, November 9th

Opening Address and Biennial Business Meeting

Join the MCA of Ohio Trustees, MCAA, SMACNA and TAUC Representatives alongside UA and SMART Leaders to kick off this annual assembly. The MCAO will recognize their volunteer leaders and pass the gavel in preparation for another successful year of partnership and industry advocacy


Opening Keynote Speaker - 

State Representative, Jessica Miranda

State Rep Jessica Miranda - MCAO 2023

State Representative Jessica Miranda is a lifelong Ohioan with a passion for ensuring access to early childhood education, fair school funding, and greater economic opportunity for the taxpayers and families of Ohio’s 28th House District. Since 2022 she has been honored to serve as the Ohio House Democratic Whip. Representative Miranda is an award-winning Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Broker and holds numerous IRS certifications. In 2022 she was honored with the Business Courier’s #40Under40 Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus.


General Session I: Augment Your Production with Technology

Trent Leinenbach, Steel Toe Consulting LLC
(1hr OCILB and Kentucky credits approved)  

Trent Leinenbach - MCAO 2023
This presentation will take a deep dive into the available technology that currently exists for trade contractors. It will also relate the tech to the workflows that the company needs to improve. The industry isn't ripe with available labor but turning worker 1.0 into worker 1.5 is more productive to the company than just hiring more people. Attendees will learn that there are very useful technological hardware and software solutions out there that can augment their workforce tremendously. They don't necessarily always have to add staff if they allow tech to make their current staff more productive.


General Session II: Introduction to Professional Management
Tony Collins, Business Advisor and Facilitator, Aileron
(2hrs OCILB and Kentucky credits approved)  

Tony Collins - MCAO 2023
As an Aileron Business Advisor and Facilitator, Tony Collins works with business owners and their teams to help them get more of what they want out of their businesses. Prior to Aileron, Tony started and led multiple small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries for more than 25 years. In this 2-hour facilitated session, you’ll work alongside fellow business leaders to diagnose your businesses against Aileron’s DOC System – a proven framework for running a thriving business that empowers an intentional, future-oriented focus and emphasizes working on the business, not in it. You’ll identify an area of your business that needs attention and begin to plan how to address it.


General Session III: Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention

Matt Taylor, Training Coordinator
UA Local 392, Cincinnati
(1hr OCILB approve and Kentucky credits pending)

VitalCog trains organizations to proactively address the early warning signs of suicide in the workplace. Just as organizations have realized they can help reduce heart disease by encouraging exercise, they can also reduce suicide by promoting mental health and encouraging early identification and intervention. This training, being provided by the UA, will educate and equip industry leaders at all levels with tools to address mental health and suicide concerns within the workplace. UA 392 Training Coordinator, Matt Taylor, has achieved his train the trainer certification in this critical program. Taylor will discuss the industry’s efforts to address mental health and suicide prevention and options all contractors should consider to help combat this construction epidemic. 


General Session IV: Belonging and Excellence for All: BE4ALL - A Joint Effort of SMART, SMACNA and the ITI
Steve Allen, Training Coordinator
SMART Local 24, Columbus
(1hr OCILB approve and Kentucky credits pending)

SMART has long been committed to creating an environment of welcoming, belonging and excellence for all of our members.  However, SMART recognizes that not all individuals and groups are situated the same, with the same access to resources and opportunities. Therefore, the Belonging and Excellence for All (BE4ALL) effort is a targeted approach to ensure that all members, particularly those from historically underrepresented groups, experience these universal goals. Over the last year SMART, SMACNA and the ITI have engaged in numerous discussions to build alignment and a shared sense of purpose and to increase awareness about how to create an environment for welcoming, belonging and excellence – one that attracts and retains anyone who has the skills and desire to meet a culture of excellence.  Join Steve Allen as he reviews the elements of this program and shares his local experiences and success in implementing this groundbreaking initiative.


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Friday, November 10th

General Session IV: Variable Annuity Pension Plans
Ed Kommers, Executive Director of MCA of Western WA & Trust Secretary of the Washington State Plumbers & Pipefitters Plan 
Jefferey Owen, Business Manager UA local 32 & Trust Chair of the Washington State Plumbers & Pipefitters Plan 
Arthur Rains-McNally, FSA,EA, MAA, Principal and Consulting Actuary

(1.5hrs OCILB and Kentucky credits approved)  

Join the dynamic trio of Kommers, Owen, and Raines-McNally as they discuss the plans that are a growing trend offering an alternative to those trusts who seek to minimize risk while providing life long benefits that are responsive to inflation. This session uses an actual case study, Washington State Plumbing and Pipefitting Pension Plan, to demonstrate the advantages and potential challenges.



General Session V: Introduction to Conscious Leadership

Wendy Roop, Facilitator, Aileron
(1.5hrs OCILB and Kentucky credits approved)

Wendy Roop - MCAO 2023
As an Aileron Facilitator, Wendy establishes and nurtures connections with Aileron community members to help them make their visions a reality. Professionally, she’s always made people her priority, developing expertise in the area of human resources management and organizational and leadership development; it set the stage seamlessly for her to launch her business in 2021 as a leadership coach. In this 90-minute facilitated session, you’ll explore how leading others starts with leading yourself. Through activities that increase self-awareness and self-leadership, you’ll begin to learn how your influence impacts others in your organization.



Legislator Panel Keynote

Josh Sanders, Calfee Halter & Griswold – MCAO Government Affairs Consultant
Mike Bowen, Calfee Halter & Griswold – MCAO Government Affairs Consultant
Senator Catherine Ingram of Senate District 9
Senator Representative Bill Seitz of House District 30
(1hr OCILB credit approved)

Josh Sanders




Michael Bowen

MCAO 2023 - Catherine Ingram







MCAO 2023: Bill Seitz







Join Senator Catherine Ingram, Senator Representative Bill Seitz, Josh Sanders and Mike Brown from Calfee Halter & Griswold as they debate the past, present, and future of Ohio’s political environment. State Senator Catherine Ingram: Senator Ingram currently represents Ohio’s 9th Senate District. Prior to her time in the Senate, Ingram served three terms in the Ohio House representing the 32nd House District. Senator Ingram has been a member of the Cincinnati Board of Education for over 20 years, serving as president and vice president in the mid-90s. Senator Ingram has served on numerous board committees and, for many years, in a leadership role as Finance Committee chair in the Ohio House. Ingram currently serves as the Ranking Member on the Senate Primary and Secondary Education, Workforce and Higher Education, and Medicaid Committees. She also serves on the Senate Health and Insurance Committees. State Representative Bill Seitz: A lifelong resident of western Hamilton County, Representative Seitz has worked to represent the best interests of the Greater Cincinnati area at the Statehouse. Known for his colorful floor speeches and legal acumen, in a 2016 ranking of all 132 legislators published by Columbus Monthly Magazine, Seitz was rated best speechmaker, savviest, funniest, and most knowledgeable and was also recognized as second most effective and hardest working. He has put these talents to good use on issues that matter to his constituents. Beginning in 2000, Seitz served in the Ohio House of Representatives for almost seven years. There, he rose through the ranks, serving as Majority Whip and Assistant Majority Whip and chair of the Civil and Commercial Law Committee. Seitz then went on to serve in the Ohio Senate from 2007 to 2016 before


Closing Keynote Speaker - Economic Forecast for Ohio
Juliann Dunn, Cleveland Federal Reserve
(1hr OCILB and Kentucky credits approved)

Julianne Dunn - MCAO 2023







The MCA of Ohio is honored to have Julianne Dunn of the Cleveland Federal Reserve to present Ohio’s Economic Forecast. With so many aspects of the economy in flux, Dunn will guide attendees through the key economic indicators and help shed light on ways to navigate these tumultuous times.


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